Confessions Of A Bowflex Grandmother Babe

Bowflex GranmotherBowflex Granmother     Last year this time I was a dowdy old lady of 50
who had nothing to do but go to the park with my Weenie Dog.

     On Sundays I'd display myself and my bling bling in church with the faint hope I might attract the eye of a rich old man.

     One fateful dateless Saturday night I caught a Bowflex commercial on TV.

Bowflex GranmotherBowflex Granmother     The sight of those hunky guys got my juices stirring and I thought I'm gonna get me one of those (The Bowflex machine and one of those hunks).

     I traded my bling bling and Weenie Dog in for a Bowflex Power Pro XTLU.

     In one short year I have gone from wishing for old men to hanging out at the pool with young studs.

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