Poker Playing Dogs

       Ya gota luv'em.
      They may not be as soul stirring as some canvases by the grand masters but there is something that amuses and tickles the funny bone in these paintings and that to me is one criteria of great art. spacer walking Dude Back The Artist ... Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844-1934)

Kenny Rogers ... The Gambler


A Friend In Need

It's A Raid! All Paws On The Table

Losers Rehash Shouldhaddones

Four Aces And It's My Station

The Boys Give The Big Loser Sympathy

The Big Two Dueces Bluff

Two Dueces Called

Four Aces

     Without question, the most recognized gambling paintings ever created are the various renderings of dogs playing poker by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844-1934). In fact, surveys have shown these paintings to be among the most recognizable artwork of any type.
     Coolidge was born in upstate New York and began his career as a druggist and a painter of house numbers and street signs. He also founded a small newspaper called the Antwerp News.
     Coolidge was already known for his paintings of dogs playing cards before he was approached by the publishers Brown & Bigelow. The company hired him to create calendars and other advertising products.
     Coolidge is credited with producing 16 paintings of dogs-most of the playing cards-while in the employ of Brown and & Bigelow.
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