What A Disaster

     Yesterday morning as I took my morning walk my nether regions began to rumble and roil and I needed to find relief fast.
     Fortunately there was a Johhny On The Spot parked on the median of Sepulveda for the relief of a grasscutting crew.
     I asked the supervisor of the crew if I could use the facilities and he said, "No problem.".
     When I left there was no one around and the grass had started to turn brown near the Johnny but I paid no mind since all was now right in my world after a beautiful dump.
     This morning I was quite surprised by the sight around that Johnny. There was a heavy duty crane, a covey of DPW trucks, a mechanical shovel with the biggest bucket I have ever seen and everybody was wearing some form of breathing apparatus.
     I slowly turned around and hoped that no one from the grasscutting crew was around who could point their finger at me as

The Man Who Backed Up Los Angeles

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