Cheap But Good Eats

      In the mid 50's my friend Robert and I usually went to downtown Baltimore on Friday nights to do a little duck pin bowling. After the bowling was done we would walk back to Fayette and Liberty to catch the 15 streetcar home. Across from our stop was a White Tower where one could get two hamburgers and a coke for the rock bottom price of a quarter.
      We always got them to go so we wouldn't miss our ride. To add to the pleasure of our meal was the live music coming out of a second floor strip club. Prime strip music like Night Train and Frankie & Johnny came streaming out of the open second floor windows (pre ubiquitous AC days). A small combo of piano, drum and of course saxophone sent out pulsating rhythms and each note added to the fertile imaginations of the wicked adult things happening one story above street level of two teenage boys.
      We talked of going there when we were 21 but urban renewal got to the club before we did. spacer White Tower spacer walking Dude Back spacer