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Baseball And The O's

In life there are never many constants but the Orioles and baseball have always been in my life.

In the 50 plus years since I first saw them play at Memorial Stadium on 33rd street in the International League no matter where in the world I have been I would always check the morning papers to see how my heros did.

There have been bad years, mediocore years, great years and fabulous years.

I have watched them play in person at Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Anaheim.

I have watched them on TV or listened to them on radio in Maryland, South Carolina, California, The Phillipines and Viet Nam.

The past few years even though I am over 2000 miles from Baltimore I either watch or listen to each game over the Internet.

I have attended pre season, regular season, divisional and World series games. I have seen them win and lose those games but no matter the outcome to me they are still the greatest.

I'm a fan.